Bathing Suits on a Budget

MDW is just about here, and that means summer is upon us! FINALLY!! I know it doesn’t look or feel like summer this week, but we can overlook that small detail. We’ll get there. I am so looking forward to NYC rooftops (Azul on the Roof is finally OPEN!), beach trips, Fourth of July in the Hamptons, and of course, my much anticipated Spain trip! See you in less than a month, Barca! What, whattttt.

I’m sure many of you are still mourning the loss of the Victoria’s Secret bathing suit line (I was a huge fan. Cheap & Easy. What more could one ask for?). So with my vacation quickly approaching, I figured I would do a round up featuring some of the most affordable bathing suits I’ve stumbled up since I began my vacation shopping spree. One piece edition.

I just picked up the three pieces below and they were SUCH good deals. The printed suit with the fringe on the left is from Boohoo and guess what? Boohoo’s entire site is 50% off! Get ’em while they’re hot! The suit is usually $26, but I got it for $13. The black one piece in the middle is from Missguided ($36) and between starting and finishing this blog post, it had restocked, then sold out in every size except a US 6. Missguided is constantly restocking, so keep an eye out for this one, or check out some of the other options below! The navy suit with the crochet detail on the right is from The Wildflower Shop. It’s my favorite one because of it’s striking similarity to Kini, but for a fraction of the price ($32). I got this one in white and I also picked up the orange bikini (see featured picture or my Instagram)  These suits ship from Singapore and they’re a little hard to track once the order has been dispatched from their factory, but YOLO. Don’t ask questions. Just roll wit it.

I’d love to splurge and invest in some nice, high quality suits for the summer, but unfortunately, I pay rent. A lot of it. And at the end of the day, bathing suits just don’t HAVE to be expensive. So, here are my picks if you want to look like a babe while on a budget! I also threw in some pricer ones that I’ve had my eye on and have added to my shopping cart plenty o’ times because… treat yo self. Let me know what you think!

Row 1: Drifting On One Piece  // Halter Cross Mesh //  Malaga Lace Up Swimsuit
Row 2: Swimsuit with Lacing // Halter Neck Plunge Swimsuit  //  Bali Plunge Wrap Swimsuit
Row 3:   Rome Textured High Leg Swimsuit // Ocean Tides One Piece   //  The Claudia
Row 4:  2 Tone Halter Neck Plunge //  Tropical Punch // Perfect Swimsuit
Row 5: One Piece Cut Out // Side Lace Up   //  Playful Promises Bardot Frill // Rainbow Tie Die
Graphic: Black Studded Plunge Swimsuit

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