Taiyaki Takeover

I usually don’t eat too much ice cream, but when it comes soft-serve style and in a fish shaped waffle cone filled with red bean paste, I can reconsider.

Meet Taiyaki. It’s a Chinatown gem that’s bringing the Japanese treat “taiyaki” to the streets of New York. It’s recognizable by it’s freshly baked fish-shaped ice cream cones, which is the “taiyaki”, that are topped with different kinds of soft serve and embellished with sweet treats. It’s taken Instagram by storm since opening and for an obvious reason. How cool are these cones?! Paired with a soft serve swirl of green matcha and white sesame flavors AND decked out with both colorful jelly candies and chocolate Pirouette, it’s a beautiful sight to see.


After a visit to the Glossier showroom, my mom, sister, Ben and I headed a few blocks over to Taiyaki. It was well worth the rainy walk! These things are super tasty (and are really fun to take pictures of!) I got the ‘Straight Outta Japan’, which is a matcha and sesame soft serve swirl served on top of a cone filled with red bean paste. My mom and sister split the “It’s Choco-lit” (yep, still LOLing at this name). That one had chocolate soft serve with custard cone filling and was garnished with chocolate powder and drizzle. Nomz. Major nomz.


The cone was definitely my favorite part. I’m still having trouble describing what the red bean paste actually tastes like, but it’s damn good. You have my word. The soft serve was different. I never really liked matcha all that much (don’t ask me why I thought maybe my tastebuds would have a change of heart…) Don’t get me wrong, the soft serve was tasty, but the cone was warm and sort of soft on the inside. I loved it! I’m happy I finally made it down there to try it for myself.

Check Taiyaki out on insta! You’ll want to jump on the bandwagon, especially when you see the new UNICORN FLAVOR! I can’t. Must partake in Unicorn flavor consumption!!!! If you’re in town for this MDW, you know where to go! And if you’re not into it, you at least have to admit that Taiyaki is a fun word to say.

Courtesy: @feedyourgirlfriend

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