Feelin’ Sassy in Fashion Nova

So…this Fashion Nova bodysuit is definitely one of the more scandalous pieces hanging in my closet. Checking the up-close pictures below, it’s obvious why that’s so. Imagine taking a fancy pair of white fishnet stockings with some embroidery and squeezing it over your body, instead of on your legs. Yup, that pretty much sums this bad boy up, so it’s a lot of skin!

I stumbled upon Fashion Nova last year, and I finally made use of a store credit I’ve had for MONTHS! They have a really interesting mix of clothes, but I’m a fan of their bodysuits! Yes, some of them are definitely out there and not exactly casual daytime pieces, but you can find a ton of fun additions to your wardrobe on their site (and for a VERY good price! Most bodysuits are around $20!)

Now, with this bodysuit, I think I may actually cut up a white cotton shirt and sew patches into the bust since it’s entirely see through. Or there’s a chance I’ll keep using fashion tape to make it work, which is what I did Saturday. TBD. But I’m looking forward to wearing it with my green midi dress along with my black destroyed Missguided skirt! Perfect for a summer night out!! Let me know what you think, and keep scrolling for some more of my Fashion Nova bodysuit picks!

Bodysuit: Fashion Nove Sassy Bodysuit in White

Jeans: Boohoo

And here are some of my favorite bodysuits on Fashion Nova right now!

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