When life gives you lemons…

You enjoy them in cold pressed elixirs.

If you're into juices and cleanses, you may have heard of the Dirty Lemon Detox. Dirty Lemon boasts a popular line of elixirs designed to promote total wellness. I've seen them pop up on my Instagram every now and then, and I've had my eye on their most popular formula, Detox, for a while. I've always been a little hesitant to buy the set of beautiful, striped bottles online (mostly due to this small problem I have with instant gratification, and slightly due to wondering if I would even like it!) so I was totally pumped to hear that Dirty Lemon was opening it's own pop up store right in the middle of Nolita! Finally! I would have my chance to try the renowned detox drink! What made it even better is the fact that they have a bartender that whips up each beverage from scratch: dandelion root, ginger root, activated charcoal and all! It's basically the healthiest "bar" in all the land, since they pump out drinks that mimic those you'd find at a cocktail bar (just sans alcohol, of course!)

Not only is it the healthiest, but it's definitely among the most beautiful! The space is gorgeous. I feel like it was designed for the sole purpose of being flaunted on Instagram. It's retro, sleek, and the DRUGS sign is perfect. It's just like an old school pharmacy! I loved the jars of lemons and the stools around the bar, but favorite part was the exterior of the building. It has huge glass doors and two window spots where the windows open up onto Elizabeth St. It's such a gorgeous store front!

So, back to the drinks! They offer 5 hand crafted elixirs: Detox, Skin & Hair, Energy, Matcha, and Rose Lemonade. I went for the Detox, which is a concoction made up of fresh squeezed lemon, muddled ginger and dandelion root, and activated charcoal. It looks so cool because it's a black drink with a thin slice of lemon on top. #Trendy. And luckily, it tasted AMAZING. A $10 well spent! It basically tasted like a fresh, mildly sour lemonade without all the added sugar and artificial hoopla. The charcoal was interesting, but the fresh lemon was the most prominent flavor. It was SO refreshing and definitely made my hungover self feel so much better. It was a struggle-filled Saturday, that's for sure. I loved watching the bartender in action, too. She was a true expert who moved with speed and efficiency. It was totally measuring. While I loved the Detox she mixed for me, I would have loved to try the Skin & Hair drink. You can bet that I'll be back one scorching summer day to cool off with some healthy, refreshing Dirty Lemon!

Have you tried Dirty Lemon? Let me know what you think about it! I'm thinking about buying the Detox in bulk because I loved it THAT much. I could use one every morning!! I think it would be such a great way to kick start the day. Check out their collection online here and if you're in NYC, make sure you head down to their new store in Nolita. Your body and your Instagram will thank you for it! It's only open until Labor Day, so get there soon!

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