Just call me Betty.

Quarantine’s got me on a baking kick.

LOL, JK. That’s actually only the case if we’re referencing the homemade almond flour pancakes I’ve been whipping up recently! Or slice and bake cookies.

. . .

I hosted a brief Instagram poll yesterday asking if anyone was interested in checking out the recipe for the pancakes, which came about as a result of simply not being able to eat another bowl of granola and knowing I had almond flour on hand. If you know me, you know I typically don’t use polls on social media — I think they can a bit narcissistic depending on what the goal is– but I actually got quite a few inquiries about my pancakes when I first featured them on my story. So, voila – here we are! Oh, and my deepest apologies to the one person who actually took the time to vote “no.” I kind of respect your honesty, but you must be rly bored 😂.

. . .

I know there are thousands of (more advanced) iterations for this recipe on the interwebs, but I wanted to throw together a recipe that would incorporate ingredients I already had in my kitchen, and which would require as few ingredients as possible. I know everyone’s household stash is going to look a bit different, but here’s what I had on deck: almond flour (left over from the cauliflower buffalo wings I’ve been making), almond milk, eggs, agave syrup (something I randomly picked up a while back), and maple syrup. After my initial test run, I realized I wanted to step it up with the added luxury of chocolate chips and bananas to give them some extra sweetness and flavor. Otherwise, this recipe can be a bit bland.

Here’s the recipe breakdown. Some things to keep in mind are that my measurements are *about* accurate. I also mostly went based on how the pancakes looked and how easy they were to flip – i.e., if they’re breaking apart and dripping everywhere when I tied to flip them, I’d let them cook for a little longer. Don’t overthink it. I surely didn’t 😂.

Here’s the deal!:

Red Reasons to Give to Charity Infographic





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