Hip Hop Wednesday at Y7

We flow hard.

That’s the Y7 slogan, and that’s exactly what goes on inside this beautiful exposed brick, candle-lit, heated studio. We flow HARD. Hearing the word flow, you’re probably assuming this is a Vinyasa class. That would be correct. But classes at Y7, classes are more than just your typical Vinyasa class, especially on Wednesdays and Sundays. Y7 has totally changed the practice, as it’s the OG hip hop yoga studio where you flow to jamz by your favorite hip hop artists! #HIPHOPWEDNESDAY is LIT.

I’ve been to a ton of different fitness studios in NYC, and Y7 is definitely among my favorites. I’ve taken a few classes at Y7 (flowing to my girl Rihanna for my first ever class was DOPE), but last week, Brittany and I hit up Y7 for Destiny’s Child vs TLC. We flowed to all of their best hits, like “Survivor”, “Waterfalls”, “Bootylicious,” & “No Scrubs”. Epic. Each week features a different artist, and they announce who you’ll be flowing/jamming out to on Instagram that week (this week was French Montana vs. Tyga ayyy.) All the more reason to give them a follow.

I don’t want to totally spoil it for you, but a little about the class: The bulk of the class consists of a few sets, each that has a series of different poses (keep in mind that I have no idea what the actual lingo is for this, but you get it.) Your instructor will guide you through the series of poses and then you’ll flow from Chaturanga to downward facing dog before switching to the other side. During the first round of the first set, you’ll hold each pose for a few breaths. Eventually, you start picking up the pace, and you’ll flow through the poses at your own pace, doing what feels good for you! Some people throw in crow poses. Pretty sure I saw Brit do a press handstand. Tons of people whip out headstands when they feel like they need it. It. Is. Awesome. And the instructor always puts on the BEST songs when you flow on your own.

I know what you’re thinking: how do you possibly focus on maintaining your breath and staying present on your mat while Beyonce’s voice is blasting. It’s actually so much more relaxing than it sounds. I find that I’m more mindful of my breath in Y7 than in most other yoga classes. It’s so easy to just get lost in the music and let go of the day behind and preoccupations about the days ahead. This all goes on in a candlelit room, too, and the darkness keeps me extra focused.

If you’ve never been to Y7, you HAVE to give it a try. It’s definitely a strenuous yoga class and you will break a sweat, since the studio’s heated and you’ll likely feel it the next day! Trust me, though: you will feel both grounded and like a million bucks after flowing at Y7. There are various studios around Manhattan and one in LA, so stop in and get your flow on!

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